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Equally, sometimes more frustrating than in our personal lives, is working through conflict at work. GCC can help your organization build and facilitate better ways of working through conflict. Some of our tenets that underlie our work in this area:

  • Our culture’s “normal” ways of framing conflict as a negative, unproductive blight on productivity is a big reason why work conflicts are so tough. 
  • Specific “issues” that cause conflict between two or more people are important to resolve, but ongoing conflict is rarely about those issues. 
  • We use a modification of restorative practices so that parties in conflict can express the universal need(s) behind the issues. 
  • When helping to build or change culture, we engage all members to better understand universal human needs, perceived obstacles that hinder direct and respectful communication, and provide a plan for immediate interventions (if needed), new processes, trainings, and development tools for each organization. We include follow-up engagements to ensure organizational change.

Levels of Engagement:

  • Methods that improve relationships and productivity. These methods, undergirded by restorative values, help employees and managers react less emotionally, increase empathy, reduce stress, and improve both problem-solving skills and performance. We also provide training and coaching to employees and management on the use of collaborative communication with staff and customers.

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