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This figure, highlighting seven interlocking components for whole-school restorative practices implementation, was created by Tarek Maassarani and Restorative DC and is included here with permission from T. Maassarani.

GCC supports districts  and individual schools through training and capacity building in Restorative Practices. We focus on building and sustaining  healthy relationships, transforming conflict into opportunities to repair harm, increase empathy, and to create just and equitable learning environments. 

GCC promotes the implementation of restorative practices throughout the school community as a research-based model for effecting positive culture change and socio-emotional learning growth for students and adults. This culture change process happens over a three- to five-year implementation period with a focus on seven interlocking components.

In addition to supporting individual schools with whole-school implementation of restorative practices, GCC also offers a range of trainings and professional learning to support the shift toward restorative practices and positive school culture and climate. Below is a menu of training and professional learning opportunities.

Please contact  John Lash, GCC Executive Director, at to explore pricing, training or technical assistance that is right for your school.

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Spring, 2021Restorative Practices Virtual Training Series

Begins week of march, 22, 2021 and meets 1 time per week for 5 weeks


Spring, 2021Restorative Practices Virtual Training Series

The Georgia Conflict Center invites you to our upcoming School-based Restorative Practices Virtual Training Series, which will take place via 5 asynchronous training modules and 5 synchronous Zoom sessions.

The virtual training, and associated reading, reflection and Group Zoom sessions, will total nearly 16 hours of training, depending on how deeply you engage the reading and reflection components.  The asynchronous training modules will include:

1. An introduction to School-based Restorative Practices and the Fundamentals of a Whole-School Approach to Restorative Practices Implementation

2. Overview of Community-building Circles as a Foundational Tier 1 practice to building positive school culture

3. Strengthening your Restorative Mindset: An intentional focus on your thoughts and beliefs as a pathway to build healthy relationships and a productive learning environment

4. Overview and Applications of the Responsive Restorative Circle Process for dealing with conflict, harm and wrongdoing

5. Creating Restorative Spaces - a Trauma-informed Approach to Discipline and Culture

Following each asynchronous training module, we will convene a Zoom Session to delve deeper into the material presented in the asynchronous training module.

The cost of the training is $300.  However, we do not want cost to be an obstacle, so please let us know via the registration form below if you would like to seek scholarship support.

We will release the virtual training modules weekly beginning the week of March 15 and all Zoom sessions will take place weekly for 5 weeks beginning the week of March 22 and ending the week of April 26 (there will not be a Zoom session over the week of April 5).

If you are interested in taking advantage of this Virtual Training opportunity, please fill out this form and we will follow up with you at our earliest convenience.

Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you in Circle!

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