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We've been working with local schools for several years on how to best implement restorative justice (RJ), a human-centered approach to conflict and harm that is proven to make kids safer, support learning, and improve school climate. Read an overview of RJ here.

The work has progressed well, and this year we have a chance to take it further than ever before. More teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, and others than ever are interested in making RJ a reality in our schools.


To do it well requires resources, and that is why we are asking you to join us in making RJ a reality in Athens, GA. Some of the work will be paid for by local schools and some by grants. Even with that, the needs of our students and staff will outstrip the resources available.


Your donation will go directly to supporting training, skill building, facilitation of restorative processes, diversion of students away from the

juvenile justice system, and the development of a community of practice for those doing RJ work.


We’ve had good success with RJ in our district, but they have been contained to specific instances. To see lasting and profound change means addressing the application of RJ on a systemic level. This is the year for that level of change to take root. We’ve already begun with staff from several schools, and we don’t want to turn down opportunities to advance the work. Help us today, and know that any amount will help us towards our goal of a restorative district.


Click here to give via Paypal, or send your donation to Georgia Conflict Center, P.O. Box 82024, Athens, GA, 30608


Thank you,

John Lash

P.S. If you have any questions about how RJ is being implemented in Clarke County don’t hesitate to reach out to me at john.lash@gaconflict.org or 706.389.5912