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Georgia Conflict Center

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Nicola Dovey

Nicola Dovey

President, Board of Directors

Nicola Dovey’s career focused on education and advocacy for therights of people with disabilities. It taught her that, whether in a nonprofit,a school system, or a university, any work that involves cultural changeprovides repeated opportunities to learn from conflict. She was excited to beintroduced to Georgia Conflict Center, because it is an organization that embracesconflict and practices restorative approaches for transforming it. In 2018,Nicola joined the GCC board, and she is currently in her second year as BoardPresident.

Nicola’s Ph.D. is in Educational Psychology and Researchfrom the University of South Carolina. She and her husband, Greg Davis, movedto Athens from Augusta in 2008, and immediately felt at home. She and Greg are oftenon the road to Atlanta to spend time with their two sons and their families. Nicolaretired from UGA in 2017, and feels fortunate that there are still never enoughhours in the day for all that she would like to do.


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