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School-Based Introductory Restorative Practices Virtual Training Series

September 12th, 2020 - October 17th, 2022
  1. An Introduction to School-based Restorative Practices and the Fundamentals of a Whole School Approach to restorative practices implementation
  2. Building Community One Circle at a Time: An overview of Community-building Circles as a Foundational Tier 1 practice to building positive school culture
  3. Strengthening your Restorative Mindset: An intentional focus on your thoughts and beliefs as a pathway to build healthy relationships and a productive learning environment
  4. Putting Your Words Where Your Mind Is: Restorative Communication, rooted in nonviolent communication, utilizes empathic principles to connect with ourselves and others, especially when emotions are high
  5. Responding Restoratively to Conflict, Harm and Wrongdoing: An introduction to responsive restorative approaches for dealing with conflict, harm and wrongdoing
  6. Creating Restorative Spaces - The intersection of a Restorative and Trauma-informed Approach to Discipline and Culture

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