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Spring 2023 Introductory Restorative Practices Virtual Training Series

February 27th, 2023 - April 10th, 2023

The Georgia Conflict Center invites you to our Spring, 2023 Introductory School-based Restorative Practices Virtual Training Series, which will take place via 6 asynchronous training modules and 6 synchronous Zoom sessions.

The virtual training, and associated reading, reflection and Group Zoom sessions, will total nearly 16 hours of training, depending on how deeply you engage the reading and reflection components. Training participants who participate in all training sessions will receive a training certificate.

Following each asynchronous training module, we will convene a Zoom Session to delve deeper into the material presented in the asynchronous training module.


  • Asynchronous Virtual Training modules released weekly beginning the week of February 20, 2023.
  • Zoom sessions will take place weekly (likely on Mondays at 5pm) for 6 weeks beginning the week of February 27 and ending the week of April 10 (there will not be a Zoom session on Monday, April 3).


  1. An Introduction to School-based Restorative Practices and the Fundamentals of a Whole School Approach to restorative practices implementation
  2. Building Community One Circle at a Time: An overview of Community-building Circles as a Foundational Tier 1 practice to building positive school culture
  3. Strengthening your Restorative Mindset: An intentional focus on your thoughts and beliefs as a pathway to build healthy relationships and a productive learning environment
  4. Putting Your Words Where Your Mind Is: Restorative Communication, rooted in nonviolent communication, utilizes empathic principles to connect with ourselves and others, especially when emotions are high
  5. Responding Restoratively to Conflict, Harm and Wrongdoing: An introduction to responsive restorative approaches for dealing with conflict, harm and wrongdoing
  6. Creating Restorative Spaces - The intersection of a Restorative and Trauma-informed Approach to Discipline and Culture

The cost of the training is $400, though scholarship funding is available upon request.

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